A massive snowy mountain covers the horizon of the Manizales city not only imposing respect but also fulfilling the hearts of each person who wakes up with this beautiful panorama

The Nevado del Ruiz volcano knowing as cumanday too is located in the southeast of Manizales with an elevation of 5,321 M.A.S.L (17,457 ft) and a prominence of 2,035 M.A.S.L (6,677 ft). The summit of Nevado del Ruiz is covered by glaciers (nevado means «snow-covered» in Spanish), which formed over many thousands of years, and have generally retreated since the last glacial maximum. From 28,000 to 21,000 years ago, glaciers occupied about 1,500 square kilometers (600 sq mi) of the Ruiz–Tolima massif. As late as 12,000 years ago, when the ice sheets from the last glacial period were retreating, they still covered 800 square kilometers (300 sq mi). During the Little Ice Age, which lasted from about 1600 to 1900 CE, the ice cap covered approximately 100 square kilometers (40 sq mi)

This ancestral colossus offers for the lovers of birding a little paradise due the huge species variety like the mythical Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) which is part of the Colombian flag or the buffy helmetcrest (Oxypogon stubelii) among many others like:

As if that wasn’t enough the place also provide hot springs, unforgettable sunsets and varied gastronomy that will help to get a properly rest after a long journey of search. But one of the most common concerns is about the volcanic activity, Of course, nobody wants to be in the middle of eruption while on vacation but far from may it seem, this activity is always monitored and shared through multiple newspapers and social media with the purpose of guarantee the security of the visitors give them one of the most gratefull experience in their lives


Nevado del Ruiz