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It is a plump bird, with short neck and tail, short beak and wide. Head, throat and chest with bright green. Iridescent blue orbital ring as well as back and rump. The wings and tail are green, the lower chest and the lower greenish yellow parts. as for the female is like the male but more opaque, with the back green, only collar nape blue and rump too.

He has sexual dimorphism but the male and the female share characteristics such as: orange-red beak, green legs and yellow eyes. The male has green upper parts, black head and throat, yellow lower chest and abdomen with green sides and a V-shaped orange spot that extends from the sides of the neck and lower throat to the center of the chest.

The masked trogon is a species of bird in the family Trogonidae and the order Trogoniformes, a family of large, large- headed, long-tailed, tubular- shaped birds of tropical and subtropical regions. Colorful and sluggish.

Is one of the most spectacular predators in the humid forests of the Neotropics. It is characterized by its black occipital crest ending in point, which stands when excited. It feeds mainly on birds, ranging from the size of a pigeon to that of a cracid.

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