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The food of this species is nectar, taken from a wide variety of flowers, and some small insects. Ruby-topaz hummingbird males perch conspicuously and defend their territories aggressively. The call of this species is a high-pitched tsip.

It is usually a solitary hummingbird in medium-high stratum. It perches with its bill pointing upwards. flutter when drinking, keeping the bill vertically upwards. Prefers spp. of Passiflora and Datura, which he visits following his regular routes. Occasionally he is seen catching insects in the air.

Between 2100-3800m (usually above 2900m). At the northern end of the Cordillera Occidental, in the Páramo de Frontino; and on both sides of the Cordillera Central from the north of Tolima (Nevado del Ruiz) and in the south to Cauca. In the Andes of Nariño (Primolinus). In Colombia to the south by the Andes to the south of Ecuador.

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