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If you’re sensitive to environmental causes, it might be hard to surrender to the new extra-cautious COVID-19 hygiene protocols, much less turn a blind eye to the tsunami of single-use plastic and undertow of bacteria-zapping cleaning products being used everywhere. But when faced with the magnitude of these times, green travelers shouldn’t feel that they have to go against the tide in pursuit of positive change—thankfully, many hotels have adapted to our current needs, but with an eco-friendly spirit. And it’s good to remember that even the smallest socio-economic-impact considerations can lead to much more community-friendly actions.

For a long time, urbanization has been one of the defining features of our societies a tendency that has accelerated with the growth of the information economy, with now half the world’s population living in cities.

But some believe that we may have reached a peak, as COVID-19 has not only paused the trend but might come to reverse it. The long months of quarantine turned the perks of solitude and access to greenery into a physical and mental health priority: Some 400,000 New Yorkers left the city during the pandemic, according to Deutsche Welle figures, and many Paris and London residents have done the same.

I spend most of my day indoors, in front of a computer. The only music I hear is the rhythmic clacking of my fingers on the keyboard, sometimes in adagio and occasionally (if I’m lucky enough to be inspired) in allegro. Before the era of COVID-19, the most excitement I experienced involving a bird was with a blue jay that liked to sit on the ledge of my office window. To not scare it away, I’d freeze in my chair and stare.