• Coraves Birding Tours
    We are a Colombian Company with 5 years of experience in Birdwatching tours.
  • Visit Colombia
    Tour its regions and enjoy wonderful birds!
  • Birding in Caribbean Coast
    From dry forest in the Guajira penninsula to high elevations of the Sierra Nevada!
  • Birding in The Cauca Valley
    One of the important eco-regions in Colombia!
  • Birding in Andes Centrales
    In cloud forests, grassland and Paramos of the mountains.
  • Exciting Birding
    Tours between 7 and 28 days in Colombia
  • Stairway to Heaven
    Discover the hidden spots of the Los Nevados National Natural Park
  • Coffee Region Culture and Landscapes
    its unique culture, gorgeous architecture, delicious cuisine and love of coffee.

Birding tours by Colombia


Tour its regions and enjoy wonderful birds!

  1. Choco Region

    8 days exploring the region with the most diversity in the world, many birds, plants and mammals to meet.

  2. Southern of Colombia

    9 days of birding tour visiting incredible places for birding, gastronomy, culture, and nature will be presented through the trip.

  3. Colombia Post-Unrest – Amazon

    10 days exploring the Amazon in Guainia, Vichada and Guaviare departments, places that were heavily hit by wars and now are safe for tourists, thus allowing the development of these regions.

  4. Llanos (Flatlands) of Colombia

    10 days visiting the amazing llanos of Colombia, a good experience to meet culture and birds of this side of the country

  5. Cauca Valley and Andean Mountains

    9 days in this beautiful area looking for many endemics like Buffy Helmetcrest, Multicoloured Tanager, Crested Ant-Tanager, Turquoise Dacnis, Gold-ringed Tanager, Black and Gold Tanager and many others.

  6. Bogotá and nearby areas

    From one to 8 days around Bogotá, looking for possible endemics like Cundinamarca Antpitta, Bogota Rail, Sylver-throated Spinetail, Black Inca and others.

  7. Caribbean Coast, Guajira and Santa Marta

    Incredible 8 days of birding tour in the north of Colombia looking for endemics and special birds of this area.