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If you look at the race rankings, you will see that the master categories are one of the largest fields. Then look at their completion times and you’ll see how blazingly fast they are.
If you want to be on top of the podium in the Master 40 category, you must train hard and compete smartly.
Our bodies change as we age. Aerobic capacity and lactate threshold decrease. We experience a decrease in muscle fibers, strength and loss of muscle mass, and most of all, the biggest impact on training that we experience as we age is a slower recovery rate.

The tourist attractions of the Central Region of the country are now traveled by bicycle, a trend that has been positioned both in women and men who have joined Bike tourism, a practice with recreational and sports purposes that contributes to the environment and allows them to athletes and cycling enthusiasts live a new tourist experience in rural areas of the country.

Los atractivos turísticos de la Región Central del país se recorren ahora en bicicleta, una tendencia que se ha posicionado tanto en mujeres y hombres quienes se han unido al Biciturismo, una práctica con fines recreativos y deportivos que contribuye con el medio ambiente y les permite a los deportistas y aficionados al ciclismo vivir una nueva experiencia turística por las zonas rurales del país.