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Circuit: Rolling through the lands of Zipa.

To start this journey, we will leave from Zipaquirá, and visit the municipality of Cogua, knowing its rural areas, the Alto de las Margaritas, where we will enjoy an impressive view of the Neusa dam, an important source of water in the territory. We descend to visit the Borracho river, we will go up to the Moorland of Guerrero, and we will detour through a series of slides that will take us through a magnificent landscape towards the “Empalizada” Village where we will enjoy the view of the valley of the “Frío” river and from there we take a descent about of 18 km which will bring us back to the municipality of Zipaquirá.

Route information.

For Nativos Cycling Tours it is important to provide precise information about the route to be taken, so that you can determine yourself which is the best ride option. We let you know the duration, distance, level of difficulty, positive slope, maximum height and some very important recommendations. In like manner, we will send you information about itineraries of your bike ride.

  • Distance: 50 km
  • Maximum height: 3287 m.a.s.l.
  • Accumulated elevation gain: 650 m
  • Time: 4 hours.
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

  1. Recommendations

    For the convenience of the activity you are going to do, we advise you to bring your mountain bike. If you don´t have one, Nativos Cycling Tours will have an MTB for you to enjoy as maximum, then not miss any detail. It is essential for this activity to wear comfortable clothing, appropriate glasses, and remember that the use of a helmet is mandatory.

    Specialized guides will advise every detail when pedaling, they will accompany you on your journey and you will get the most out of your power and skill on the bike. 

    Zipaquirá is a municipality with a great offer of tourist services, and for your visit we have the best gastronomic and hotel offer

    La Carreta restaurant

    Cacique real Hotel

    Camino de la Sal Hotel

    All of our operations is carried out under the biosafety protocols valid for our country, so in the information we provide you will find all the steps to follow, which will be also provided by the guide, such as social distancing, and other details that will allow you to enjoy this activity under the appropriate security standards. During this circuit, the services of the accompanying guide, a medical assistance policy, hydration and basic mechanical assistance are included during your ride.

  2. Circuit cost

    Minimum of participants
    By being part of this team in the Nativos Cycling Tours journey, you accept all the conditions and declare that you have read all the details and pertinent information about the route to be taken.

  3. Zipaquirá Lans of Champions

    In the lands of the condor (Kuntur marka) we welcome you to the territory of central sabana, a province of the department of Cundinamarca whose capital is Zipaquirá, a city known as the salt-producing capital of Colombia, and land of champions, cradle of the great Zipa Forero, the first champion of the Round by bicycle to Colombia, and Egan Bernal our wonder young, the first Latin American winner of the most important cycling race in the world, the TOUR DE FRANCE, and that is how we will start this interesting journey, from here through these Andean lands , knowing magical mountains of the eastern Cordillera and managing to ascend elevations of more than 3000 meters in the moorland of Guerrero, a very important ecosystem for this region. We will roll through rural areas of the municipality of Zipaquirá and Cogua, having close contact with high Andean forests, knowing its topography, its benefits and its people. It is important to highlight that all this territory was inhabited by the Muisca indigenous people, ruled by the great chief Zipa, who based their economy, mainly on the salt extraction.

    Zipaquirá is part of the 116 municipalities of the department of Cundinamarca, it is located 40 km from the city of Bogotá. It is a municipality full of historical, architectural and cultural details, which we can appreciate by touring its historic center. Additionally, it has a very striking natural heritage, which integrated with this route will allow us to live the experience of getting to know its rural areas, its unique landscape and travel roads with a certain difficulty level, which allow us to challenge our body, gaining vitality. This route will show you another way to know the Colombian Andes. You must be very awake to the road and the sky, since it is not rare you can observe the magical flight of the diverse species of birds, among them the paramo’s Eagle could be flying over you.