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This small and short-billed hummingbird has a colorful plumage ranging from coppery green to brown. Habitant of the Andes mountains, likes the humid forests and the plains.


The male measures 8.1cm. The female only 7.6cm. It has a short beak of approximately 10mm. Male is dark coppery green, iridescent green ruff. Its tail is shiny coppery brown. The female on the top has a dark coppery green tone; its cheeks, throat and high chest tawny with a few dark spots, rest of underparts are pale whitish stippled with brownish green.


It is found in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. usually above of 2400m.


Often abundant on forest edges and scrubby plains but rarely far from forest. Occasionally found in ecotonal areas between scrub forest and moor.


The Tyrian Metaltail feeds from a wide variety of plants like melastomataceae, bromeliads and loranthaceae.


Nests made in rock have been found in July in Cundinamarca; it was in the form of a hanging mass of moss and fibers with a small partially roofed incubation chamber.


It is a small aggressive hummingbird, when sips, it usually hangs on the flowers. Notably meek and territorial around small flowering bushes and along roadsides.


There is great diversification within the metallura genre. For the Tyrian Metaltail seven subspecies are distinguished. The relationships between the various hummingbirds in this genus need to be clarified.

Conservation status

It is classified as a species of least concern

Vocalization/ Song



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