It is a bird species of the Strigidae family and the order Strigiformes, the approximate size of these bird is 20 or 24 centimeters.

Megascops, Screech-Owls, the most diverse genus of owls in Colombia.

Three morphs are recognized: grayish brown, brown and rufous. It has yellow iris, grey-green bill with grey tip and greyish brown legs. It has a light grey facial disk with prominent black edges, crown and upper parts with dark streaks, scapular with dark s edges pale spots, and barred flying and tail feathers with pale and brown. Below it is mainly white with fine brown vermiculate and black streak. The juvenile is darker above and with dark barred.

It located from Costa Rica to the northeast of Argentina, Paraguay and Southern Brazil. In Colombia it is up 3000 meters above sea level throughout the national territory except on the western slope of the western mountain range.

It inhabits savannas, gallery forest and lowland forest edges and várzea. It is also uses open areas with scattered trees, plantations and sometimes suburban area.

It is feeds mainly on arthropods such as crickets, spiders, beetles, moths, scorpions, worms, mantis, cockroaches and bumble bees. Sometimes it also feeds on snakes, bats and small mammals.