8 Days Mavecure Hills and Rock Paintings Tour

The Upper Amazon region in Colombia (part of the Amazon Basin) just recently came into play as a tourist destination as a result of the Colombian peace process and treaty. This region, home to immense natural wealth, is also known for the beauty of its land and people. While the main cities and towns are mostly populated by colonists from the interior of the country, the indigenous communities flourish in their own settlements, keeping alive most of their ancestral traditions and ways. On this tour, you will enjoy an authentic jungle experience, getting to know indigenous communities, navigating immense rivers, sleeping in the middle of the jungle at the foot of gigantic stones; you will have the blissful experience of seeing the jungle come to life at dawn, listening to the birds singing as the quiet rivers glide by; you will also visit 2000-year-old rock paintings, swim alongside pink dolphins and walk on an ancient seabed, among many more adventures in the Colombian jungles.

  1. Day 1: Flight to Inirida (Arrival at noon; check-in at the hotel and afternoon excursion to the Orinoco River).

    We will sail down the Inirida River in the afternoon to its confluence with the Orinoco; this is an all-afternoon ride during which we’ll have ample opportunity to observe monkeys, macaws and pink dolphins. Return to the hotel in late afternoon.

  2. Day 2: Visit to Mavecure. We will sail up the Inirida River for two-and-a-half hours to reach the gigantic Mavecure Hills.

    Once there, we’ll explore the surrounding area and visit indigenous communities to get to know a little bit of their culture. Return to Inirida in late afternoon.

  3. Day 3: Visit to the community of Sabanitas.

    Where we’ll interact with the indigenous people, learn about their ancestral customs and enjoy their delicious cuisine. Return to Inirida in late afternoon.

  4. Day 4: Return to Bogotá

    Excursion to Monserrate mountain and the traditional neighborhood of La Candelaria to learn about the history of Bogotá. Overnight stay in Bogotá.

  5. Day 5: Flight to Guaviare and river trip.

    In the morning we’ll board our two-hour flight to San José del Guaviare, capital of the Guaviare Department; once there, we’ll go on a short sailing trip down the Guaviare River and then return to the hotel.

  6. Day 6: Visit to the Damas del Nare Lagoon.

    A community project focused on the conservation of a pink dolphin family that inhabits the area. To get to this site, we’ll go on a one-hour hike through the forest after the trucks drop us off; the hike back to the trucks will also take one hour. Return to the hotel in late afternoon.

  7. Day 7: Visit to the Pictograms

    Early in the morning we’ll head to the Nuevo Tolima community, about an hour-and-a-half from San Jose del Guaviare; once there, we’ll go on a 40-minute hike to climb the cliffs that are home to 2000-year-old rock paintings; later in the day we’ll visit the Stone City (“Ciudad de Piedra”) and return to the hotel in late afternoon.

  8. Day 8: Visit to stone tunnels and Orion’s Gate (“Puerta de Orión”)

    We’ll spend the morning at this magical place, part of an ancient seabed; we’ll explore the different rock formations and cross water-carved tunnels, get to know a little of the area’s history and return to enjoy an early lunch before heading back to Bogotá.