8 Days Coffee Region Culture and Landscapes

Colombia’s Coffee Cultural Landscape was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. We have crafted a unique tour that includes this region’s beautiful landscapes, its unique culture, gorgeous architecture, delicious cuisine and love of coffee; this is a tour to let your senses run wild, with every morning bringing new adventures revolving around the best coffee in the world. We will learn about both the most traditional coffee-making processes and the most technologically advanced, ride around the mountains on jeeps and be astonished by the striking local architecture that flourished during the coffee boom.

  1. Day 1: Arrival in Pereira and transfer to Manizales

    City tour of the major landmarks and historic center; we’ll learn about the city’s original settlers and visit a farm credited with being the first technified coffee plantation. At night we’ll visit some of the natural lookouts over the city, offering beautiful views. Overnight stay at a coffee farm very close to the city.

  2. Day 2: On this day we’ll follow the Colonization Path by visiting several towns

    With our ultimate goal being Salamina, where we’ll spend the night. In the town of Neira, we’ll visit a factory where a famous local sweet delicacy made of sugar cane called “corcho” is made, and also a “trapiche” or sugar mill, where raw sugar cane is processed into delicious brown sugarloaf (“panela”). Then we’ll head to Aranzazu and get to know about its history, before heading for our overnight rest at a country farm in Salamina.

  3. Day 3: Visit the amazing, towering Wax Palms in San Felix

    Where we’ll go on a little hike and visit a local dairy farm, getting to know about the local farming traditions; later we’ll head back to Salamina for a tour of the major landmarks of this gorgeous Caldas town. Overnight stay in Salamina.

  4. Day 4: Early in the morning we’ll head to Aguadas

    Founded in 1908 and known as the first official Caldas municipality. Our main goal will be to learn about the traditional, hand-woven Aguadas Hat (“Sombrero Aguadeño”), made by local weavers, but we’ll also take a stroll through the town and visit a “Pionono” factory, a sweet pastry typical of this region. Overnight stay in Aguadas.

  5. Day 5: We’ll drive in the morning to the town of Riosucio and visit its “Museo del Diablo” in The afternoon

    a museum dedicated to the famous biennial Devil-themed Carnival celebrated in this town in January; we’ll also take a walk through the town and get to know a little of its history. Overnight stay in Riosucio.

  6. Day 6: Visit the indigenous community of San Lorenzo.

    Today we’ll enjoy a spiritual cleansing ritual and get to know some of the ancient traditions of the indigenous tribes of this part of Colombia, and in the afternoon we’ll pay a short visit to Anserma, before heading back to Manizales in the evening.

  7. Day 7: Touring the Andean Highlands.

    Today we’ll head up to over 4,000 meters above sea level to enjoy the majestic Andes mountain chain and its complex paramo ecosystems, visiting pure water lakes, hot springs, frailejon forests and a cattle farm that protects and preserves a large forest habitat, home to spectacular birds; we’ll also sample the local cuisine and take a dip in the hot springs in the afternoon, before heading to our overnight Glamping accommodations, “El Color de mi Rêves”, where we’ll enjoy a beautiful evening contemplating the mountains and, with some luck, a starry night and some great coffee.

  8. Day 8: Among Flowers and Coffee .