The Torrent Duck is a bird which belongs to the family of Anatidae and the order Anseriformes, its measure around 42 centimeters.

The family Anatidae are medium to large birds, occupying all continents except Antarctica. The family is strong of about 165 species.

They are very water-related, mostly freshwater. Their short legs are webbed, which is an adaptation to swimming. Their wings, totally short and narrow for their weight, generate a rapid and energetic beaten flight, authorized by a strong pectoral musculature. The long neck is tense to flight. The high body density facilitates diving in species seeking their food in the water.

He has sexual dimorphism; both male and female have red bills, and upper parts black with gray; male has white head with distinctive black lines that split from eye to neck, the neck is white and the lower parts are white with gray.

The female has the top of the head of bluish gray color and the lower parts of orange color.

Distributed along the Andes from Venezuela to Argentina, the Colombian M.A subspecies is found in Colombia from Venezuela to the north of Ecuador between 1500 and 3500 about sea level in the three mountain ranges.

It is mainly found in fast-flowing rivers and streams in the mountains.

Its feeds consist mainly of aquatic insects of the order Plecoptera.

They dive for short periods to find food at the bottom of the river.

Nesting in high places in the soil near the water as the banks of the rivers, the female is in charge of the incubation of the eggs that lasts between 43-44 days. The construction of the nest is carried out in cavities in the ground with vegetation such as leaves and dry pastures.