Grallaria is a large genus of Neotropical birds in the antpitta family Grallariidae and the order Passeriformes.

He is a very trusting bird and easy to see, measures about 18 centimeters.

Above is brownish dull has an extensive point in side and narrow white orbital ring, has the sides of the head and upper parts ochreous and is somewhat speckled with pale.

It feeds on small vertebrates, insects, seeds and fruits. It runs quickly or jumps on the ground and take refuge bushes or grass.

The habitats are Subtropical, Tropical Moist Montane, shrubland, Subtropical, Tropical high altitude, grassland, wetland (inland: bogs, marshes, swamps, fens, peatland, permanent freshwater, artificial, terrestrial pastureland.

It is found Colombia between 2200 and 4000m, in the Eastern Cordillera from the Northeast of Santander to Cundinamarca, in the Central Cordillera from Caldas to Nariño and header of Magdalena Valley in Huila. It is also found in northern Peru.

Built a nest in the form of a lumpy cup made of moss, mud and small brunches.