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Coffee grown under a tree canopy is promoted as good habitat for birds, but recent University of Delaware research shows that some of these coffee farms may not be as friendly to our feathered friends as advertised. “A very common scenario on these farms is to have eucalyptus, pine, mango and citrus,” Tallamy said. “All of these are non-native trees that support few insects — critical food for birds — or not nearly enough insects to make a difference. If you have a substantial amount of land with non-native plants, we’re not helping the birds at all. Biodiversity-wise, it’s a real scourge.”

The incredible diversity of birdlife is due in large part to the country’s geography. Because Colombia sits astride the equator, temperatures are steady throughout the year; no harsh winters for birds to survive.
Elevations range from sea level along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, to mountains in the north that reach 19,000 feet. The Andes divide into three ranges, or cordilleras, and with their intervening valleys, it’s possible to go from cloud forest to rainforest to tropical humid forest and tropical dry forest in a day, and still have time to enjoy the birds. These variations in terrain and elevation result in differences in temperature, rainfall, and exposure to sunlight which, in turn, result in many habitats, microhabitats, and geographic isolation of bird populations.

Conserving nature-rich areas such as the forests of Colombia provides sustainable livelihoods for local people and benefits for humankind.
It is «extremely important» to conserve the diversity of plants which could hold solutions to diseases such as Covid-19 and other benefits to people, an expert has said.