By Francisco Maria

The current trend of cycling is increasing. Sustainable mobility by bicycle has made its way into our current society.

Sustainable mobility is extremely important to improve the quality of the environment. It is a set of actions aimed at the citizens of the world who travel aboard these vehicles. By mobilizing, they will seek to reduce the environmental and social impact that it may generate as much as possible. In this way, the use of different means of displacement that do not endanger the environment is promoted. One of these methods is the use of bicycles.

Consequences of traditional mobility

Conventional mobility causes social and environmental problems. Dependence on traditional transportation affects natural resources, the environment, and the quality of life. Faced with these problems, an alternative is presented which is Ecomobility or sustainable mobility.

Ecomobility encourages the use of other means of transport that do not have a negative impact on the environment. The use of ecological, responsible, sustainable and efficient systems in the protection of the environment. The goals are to promote public transportation and bicycles, as well as to decrease the use of cars and motorcycles.

Sustainable means of transport

Sustainable mobility is not just about using a bicycle, public transport or walking. It is important to clarify that it is the connection that must exist between the different means for adequate mobility. For a better quality of life, a sustainable and respectable transport system in economic, social and environmental terms is necessary.

Among the different alternatives there is a cheap, accessible and sustainable means such as the bicycle. In recent decades it has acquired an important position in the transport of various cities around the world. Its use mainly in European countries has increased notably.

In recent years, awareness about sustainable mobility has increased so that more and more people are promoting it. The bicycle is not only used for casual rides, there are also people who are using it to move to work and their daily activities.

The benefits of having a bicycle as a means of transportation are many. It is an efficient transport, it is a quick and easy way to get from one place to another in short and medium distances. In addition, it is much easier to park and takes up almost no space.

Health and home economics

The bicycle is also a healthy transport. By using it for all our daily activities we exercise and burn calories. Improves physical appearance because it is good for weight control, strengthens bones, muscles and joints. In addition, it prevents depression and reduces the risk of suffering from heart disease.

Cycling by bike is an economical transport. It is much more affordable and less expensive to buy and maintain a bicycle than a car. It is also sustainable and ecological, respects the environment and prevents air pollution.

Sustainable mobility by bicycle is an efficient, safe and healthy method. Improving the quality of the environment in which we live is important to increase our quality of life. For this reason, ecomobility is necessary.

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