The Spectacled Parrotlet is a species of parrot in the family Psittacidae and the order Psittaciformes, the approximate size of these bird is 13 centimeters.

The male is mainly green, lighter and more yellowish below, blue eye region, top and underneath flank coverings and rump, violet blue; underneath surface of the blue-green remiges. The female is completely green (not blue), brighter, emerald green around the eyes front and rump.

The most common Forpus; 200-1800m (occasionally up to 2600m, Sabana de Bogota). Costa SW de NariΓ±o, near Tumaco; high valleys of Dagua and Patia, middle and upper valley of Cauca N to Sw Antioquia (caucace). High river Sinu and lower Valley of Cauca E to middle valleys and high of the Magdalena in S Huila (conspicillatus); E of the Andes from Casanare to Meta; probably river Meta in NE Vichada (metae). E PanamΓ‘, Colombia and Meta river in Venezuela.

Often abundant in dry and semi-open cultivated areas, meadows, patches of bush and clearings with scattered trees.

It mainly feeds on grass seeds, foliar shoots and probably shrub flowers.