The Southern Lapwing is a bird which belongs to the family of Charadriidae and the order of Charadriiformes, its measures around 32 centimeters or 38 centimeters.

In flight, seen from below, this elegant valve is distinguished by its black and white wings. In adults, the bill is pink with a black terminal tip. The orbital ring and long legs are also pinkish. The spurs on the wrists of the wings are red. The vast majority of the upper parts are brownish grey but the shoulders are covered with a bronzed green luster. The occiput is decorated with long black feathers that form a thin, pointed crest. The forehead and throat have a black longitudinal spot. The chest is crossed by a wide black band that descends almost to the top of the belly.

The belly and the rest of the lower parts are entirely white. In flight, you can see the rounded black wings with a large white spot on the wing covers. The sexes are the same. As in the majority of South American black Vanellus.

It is located from the north of South America to the south of Argentina and Chile. In Colombia it is below 3100 m above sea level throughout the national territory.

It lives in open grasslands, wet meadows and in swampy areas with low-altitude entangled vegetation. It is usually found in short grasslands.

Its diet includes mainly grasshoppers, insect larvae, earthworms, small fish and terrestrial invertebrates.

It is a rather noisy bird and can be observed alone, in couples or in groups.

When she feels threatened, they issue a loud, repeated call that they also produce when they return to their sleeping quarters at sunset.