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This parrot likes to fly in pairs or large flocks and its call in flight is very loud and harsh. Its name means Autumnal Amazon and derives from the term Amazona that refers to the Amazon and the epithet autumnalis derives from Latin and means autumnal.


It measures between 32 and 35 cm and weighs between 314 and 485 g. Its bill is pale yellow above and brownish below. It features forehead and brides and the rest of the body is mainly green. The crown and nape feathers are heavily marginated with blue, while the sides of the head and throat are yellowish-green. On the wings it has a red speculum and external rectrices of the same color at its base.


It is found on the Caribbean Coast from Mexico to Nicaragua. Also in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil. In Colombia it reaches up to 1000 m above sea level on the Pacific Coast from the border with Panama to the Serranía del Baudó. Also north of the Andes to the lower valley of the Magdalena River.


It inhabits edges of semi-deciduous and evergreen humid forest, foothills, gallery forests. semi-open areas with scattered trees and plantations


The Red-lored Amazon normally likes to feed on fresh fruits, flowers, and seeds.


It breeds between February and May in Central America, from December to February in Colombia and between January and March in Ecuador. It nests in tree cavities and usually lays 2-5 eggs. The female incubates the eggs for 25 to 26 days and is fed by the male while she is doing this.


It is very common to see it in pairs or flocks, it perches on treetops and its call in flight is very strong and harsh. In Panama they can rest in large flocks after breeding.


It forms a superspecies with Amazona finschi. The subspecies salvini and diadema could be considered different species in the future.

Conservation status

It is classified as a species of least concern

Vocalization/ Song


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