The orange-breasted fruiteater is a species of bird in the family Cotingidae and the order Passeriformes native to Colombia and Ecuador. 

It is measures around 18 centimeters.

He has sexual dimorphism but the male and the female share characteristics such as: orange-red beak, green legs and yellow eyes. The male has green upper parts, black head and throat, yellow lower chest and abdomen with green sides and a V-shaped orange spot that extends from the sides of the neck and lower throat to the center of the chest.

The female is mainly green with the lower parts with yellow and green streaked.

In Colombia it is between 900m and 1400m above sea level on the western slope of the Western Cordillera.

It is feeds mainly fruits.

This species is native to the foothills and this fruiteater is usually found in the understory of dense, wet, mossy forests.

This bird accomplishes altitudinal migrations in response to temporal variations in the availability of fruits. It is a silent bird, usually solitary or in pairs and sometimes joins mixed flocks. It is common to observe this bird catching fruit by suspended flight or from the perch.