The Golden-plumed Parakeet has a golden stripe from behind the eye. It also has golden around the bill. The belly is golden, but this is variable. The underside of the flight and tail feathers are red.


The Golden-plumed Parakeet is rare to uncommon on humid montane forest of the east slope of Andes at elevations ranging between 2700-3350 m. It also occurs in Co and Ec.

Meaning of Name: Leptosittaca

Gr. Leptos= slender, thin and sittakos or psittacos= a parrot. branickii: in honor of Wladyslaw Graf Von Branicki (1848-1914) Polish ornithologist and collector.

Justification of Red List category
Very high levels of forest clearance, fragmentation and degradation have presumably resulted in this species undergoing rapid population declines, qualifying it as Vulnerable. Total numbers are difficult to assess, but the population may be small.