The Southern Emerald-Toucanet is a species of toucan in the Ramphastidae family and the order Piciformes.

Male and female are similar in colour but different in size, the male is slightly larger and heavier. The feather is generally green, the bill is mainly black, with yellow at the top of the upper mandible, base of the bill with white edge. The throat can be blue gray or white.

The approximate size of adult is 33 cm.                               

It is found from Mexico to Venezuela, Brasil and Bolivia. In Colombia, it is located in the three mountain ranges and in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta at heights between 1300 and 3000 msnm.

It is found in wet and very wet humid forests. It can be found in forest edges and in secondary forest, usually in the treetops.

Like the others species of the genus, they are kept in couple or small groups.

Small flocks, usually consisting of 5-10 birds, move through forest.

It mainly feeds an arboreal fruit- eater, but we also take insects, small birds, lizards and other birds’ eggs.