The Common Tody – Flycatcher is a small passerine bird in the tyrant flycatcher family, it measures around 10.2 centimeters, and with a long, flattened, straight black bill. The upper head is black, shading to dark grey on the nape and dark olive-green on the rest of the upperparts. The usually cocked tail is black with white tips, and the wings are blackish with two yellow wing bars and yellow edging to the feathers. The underparts are entirely yellow. Sexes are similar, but young birds have a greyer upper head and buff wing markings.

Habitats are gardens, shady plantations, second growth and the edges and clearings of forest, although it avoids the dense interior of mature woodland and also arid areas.

He common tody-flycatcher is usually seen in couples, making rapid dashing sally or hovering to pick small arthropods off the vegetation.

It feeds on arthropods, including ants, parasitic wasps, spiders, beetles, crickets and dragonfly, it also eats fruit.

It is usually found in couples or in family groups, rarely alone. Flutters and jumps with its tail elevated, stopping to look up into the dense foliage from the bushes to the treetops.