Chestnut-capped Piha
The genus lipaugus refers to the gray color of this bird and derives from the Greek term lipauges which means dark. The epithet weberi was dedicated to Walter H. Weber for his great contribution to the Antioquia Ornithological Society (SAO) and for promoting the study and conservation of birds in Colombia. The name refers to its most contrasting morphological characteristic and the name in Spanish (Arrierito Antioqueño) refers to the department of Antioquia, the only region in Colombia where this bird has been found. 

Weighing approximately 72g and without marked sexual dimorphism. It is a completely dark gray bird with brown crown feathers, orbital ring and yellow commissures, feathers of the top coverts and underflows pale brown and dark brown turtles.

Endemic species of Colombia. It has a distribution restricted to a strip of premontane forest between 1500 and 1820m above sea level in the northern part of the Central mountain range to the east of the Nechí river valley. It has been registered in the towns of La Forzosa, La Serrana, La Condena, Alto Anorí and Santa Catalina in the department of Antioquia.

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