Voyages en Colombie

The gray kingbird or grey kingbird, also known as pitirre, petchary, or white-breasted kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis) is a passerine bird. It breeds from the extreme southeast of the United States, mainly in Florida, through Central America, from Cuba to Puerto Rico as well as eastward towards all across the Lesser West Indies, south to Venezuela, Trinidad, Tobago, the Guiana, and Colombia. Northern populations are migratory, wintering on the Caribbean coast of Central America and northern South America. Several vagrant populations are known to exist in the American Northeast.

The Batara Unicolor is found in humid and very humid jungles of the three mountain ranges of Colombia. It deliberately moves in pairs from undergrowth to sub-canopy and climbs vines like other Batara. Thamnophilus derives from the Greek thamnos = bush and philos = lover of, referring to their habit of moving at low heights among the bushes. Its unicolor epithet derives from Latin and means one color.

The Yellow-throated Vireo is a rare migratory species found in Colombia from the beginning of December to the end of March. Within the family vireonidae it is one of the species with the brightest colors. Its name Vireo derives from Latin which means small green migratory bird. Its epithet flavifrons derives from the Latin flavus which means yellow and frons in front, referring to its appearance.

The Banded Antbird (Dichrozona cincta), is a species of passerine bird of the Thamnophilidae family, the only species of the genus Dichrozona. It is native to the Amazon region in South America.
It is the only species of the genus and its phylogenetic relationships are uncertain. Its name Dichrozona comes from the Greek roots dikhroz = two colors and zone = belt. The epithet cincta comes from the Latin cinctus = banded