Los Turistas

The Barred Fruiteater is a large species of the fruiteater group of cotingas that resides in the northern Andes. The species ranges from western Venezuela south to western Bolivia, where it lives in temperate zone forest from 2000-3300 meters in elevation, higher than most other fruiteaters, . The Barred Fruiteater is olive above with a red bill, pale yellow markings on the greater coverts and tertials, a black terminal tail band, and yellow- and black-barred underparts. Males have a black hood while females are olive-headed; iris color varies from yellow to red to white in different parts of the range. Barred Fruiteater’s song is a high rapid series of hissing notes which is shorter in the southern part of its range.

It is a small hummingbird with a short beak, endemic of the Biogeographic Chocó region. It has an iridescent purple pectoral crescent and conspicuous, mainly white inner rectrices. Its name Urosticte means spotted tail and derives from the Greek roots oura = tail and stiktos = spotted. The Benjamin Pitet was established in honor of the naturalist and merchant John Benjamin Leadbeater

The vermilion flycatcher is a small passerine bird in the Tyrannidae, or tyrant flycatcher family. Most flycatchers are rather drab, but the vermilion flycatcher is a striking exception. It is a favorite with birders, but is not generally kept in aviculture, as the males tend to lose their vermilion coloration when in captivity.

The Tatamá Bangsia is an Endemic bird of Colombia and as its common name indicates it was found in the Cerro de Tatamá. Its scientific name means Bangsia surrounded by gold-colored bands. His epithet Bangsia was coined in recognition of the work of the North American zoologist and collector Outram Bangs. Aureocincta derives from the Latin aureo = gold and cincta = bands.

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It is the only species in the genus Urochroa. Its name means colorful tail and derives from the Greek roots oura = tail and khroa = color. The epithet bougueri was established in honor of the French mathematician, astronomer and hydrographer Pierre Bouguer.