The Black-throated mango is a common hummingbird on the edges of the jungle and close to natural water deposits. It is the most widely distributed species of the genus and its name Anthracothorax comes from the Latin roots Anthrax = coal and thorax = chest. The epithet nigricollis derives from the Latin roots niger = black and collis = neck.

Populations of this species are found mainly in Colombia and a small portion of northwestern Venezuela. Its name Thamnophilus comes from the Greek roots thamnos = bush and philos = lover of. The epithet multistriatus comes from the Latin roots multi = much and striatus = striated.

Hummingbird mainly cinnamon color, inhabits highlands and with a proportionally short bill for its body size. Its name Aglaeactis comes from the Greek aglaia = splendor and aktis = ray of sun. The epithet cupripennis comes from the Latin cupreus = copper or copper and pennis = winged.

It is the only species in the genus Urochroa. Its name means colorful tail and derives from the Greek roots oura = tail and khroa = color. The epithet bougueri was established in honor of the French mathematician, astronomer and hydrographer Pierre Bouguer.

It is a very showy hummingbird because of its long iridescent violet tail. This species is only found in South America. Its name Aglaiocercus means splendorous tail and derives from the Greek roots aglaia = splendor and kerkos = tail. Its epithet coelestis comes from Latin and means heavenly.

This species was until recently considered a subspecies of A. torquatus. Like other species of the genus, it is a bird with semi-terrestrial habits that remains solitary or in pairs. Its name Arremon derives from the Greek root arrhemon = silent and its epithet assimilis derives from Latin and means similar, indicating a similarity with another species.

It is a small hummingbird with a short beak, endemic to the biogeographic Choco. It has an iridescent purple pectoral crescent and conspicuous, mainly white inner rectrices. Its name Urosticte means spotted tail and derives from the Greek roots oura = tail and stiktos = spotted. The Benjamin Pitet was established in honor of the naturalist and merchant John Benjamin Leadbeater.

This family has some characteristics by which it stands, first, plumage coloration is more or less similar to the habitat in which it lives what serves to camouflage themselves, therefore prevail plumages coffee shades, reddish, gray, beige or black and white, and sometimes presents lists, barred or stained patterns; second, they are highlighted by the arrangement of the tail usually kept in a perpendicular and rigid position at the time they are perched or singing.

It is the only hummingbird in the highlands with completely white underparts. Her name Amazilia was established in honor of Amazili, who was an Inca heroine in Jeam Marmontel’s novel Les Incas, ou la destruction de l’Empire du Pérou. His French epithet was established in honor of Francia Bourcier, the daughter of the naturalist Jules Bourcier, an expert in hummingbirds.