ortopedski čevlji z kapico
handschoenen tijgerprint
my carry bag myomy
električni sušilec za perilo
koiran portaat


This species is remarkably noisy.
Cyanocorax means blue raven and derives from the Greek roots kuanos = dark blue and korax = raven. Its epithet affinis derives from Latin and means affine referring to a relationship of similarity not necessarily clarified.


It measures about 33 to 36 cm and weighs between 194 and 232 g. It has a laterally compressed frontal ridge. The male has a mainly black head with blue spots above and below the eye, a streak of the same color, and a bright blue nape that is generally hidden by the feathers on the crown. The upper parts are pale violet stained with coffee, especially on the coat and back. The upper wing and tail coverts are blue and the lower ones are white. Its throat and high chest are sepia and the rest of its underparts are white. its irirs is yellow and its beak and legs are black


It is found in the north of the country from the region of Santa Marta and Guajira and in the south in the Cauca river valley to Medellin and in the Magdalena river valley to Tolima. Also in Huila and Norte de Santander


It lives in humid and dry forests, usually in foothills. It avoids continuous forest interiors and is commonly recorded in forest clearings along rivers, at secondary growth forest edges, and in banana crops.


Generally its nests are found in small trees, it lays 3 to 5 eggs and apparently has a cooperative breeding system in which all the individuals of the family group participate in the care.


Forages in groups of 3 to 8 individuals at all levels of the forest and also the ground. It is observed moving through the trees and the ground in long and agile jumps. Usually well hidden in foliage and it is not very keen on foraging in open spaces.

Conservation status

It is considered a kind of minor concern

Vocalization/ Song



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