The tourist attractions of the Central Region of the country are now traveled by bicycle, a trend that has been positioned both in women and men who have joined Bike tourism, a practice with recreational and sports purposes that contributes to the environment and allows them to athletes and cycling enthusiasts live a new tourist experience in rural areas of the country.

This modality will take the second version of BiciGo, with the routes of the only Biciregión in Colombia, from November 7 to 11 in Corferias.

According to Fernando Flórez, manager of the Administrative and Special Planning Region, RAP-E Central Region and guest at BiciGo 2019, there is a preference for Biciturismo since it has become a unique experience in which you pedal and enjoy the scenic beauty of various national territories. Undoubtedly, through this trend, some tourist sites have been positioned, sustainable tourism promoted and the economies of the regions reactivated.

“With the launch of Biciregión, the RAP-E project that consists of seven thematic routes, five of them internationally certified, seeks to generate new experiences in tourists through the landscapes, culture and gastronomy of the departments of Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Meta, Tolima and the capital of the country: Bogotá. In the tours we have evidenced new business opportunities for rural populations and a greater number of visits to tourist sites that are found along these routes, ”said Flórez.

Similarly, he added that the worldwide percentage of biciturists is 60% men and 40% women, figures that have been balanced, given the preference for the use of bicycles as a means of transport, sports and recreation in different countries, including Colombia. “More and more children, youth and adults enjoy visiting tourist sites by bicycle and with family and friends; also taking good photographs and living the Colombian gastronomic experience recognized throughout the world ”.

More reasons to do Bike tourism

The use of the bicycle stopped being a hobby and became a lifestyle. The ‘bike’ has conquered the homes of Colombians, it gives a feeling of autonomy and freedom and in the market there are all kinds of accessories for all tastes, which attracts more people to join this great world.

Tourists on bicycles spend an average of 30% more than traditional tourists on complementary services such as guides, accommodation or gastronomy, which has activated the economy in rural areas. Cycle tourists concentrate on enjoying their routes to the fullest, for this reason they hire other services that complement their experience and at the same time generate greater income for the populations of the areas that cross these routes.

Greater possibilities of visiting and discovering unexplored tourist sites to live a unique experience throughout the tour that integrates natural, cultural and scenic attractions, with tourist providers that complement the experience.

It is a world-trend means of transport that contributes to caring for the environment. Tourism by ‘bike’ reduces the emission of carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming that aggravates the lack of access to water and increases droughts.

The success that different figures of Colombian cycling have achieved in international events. The great figures of this practice see in the routes of the Central Region the best conditions for training, while enjoying the natural tourist sites that this area of ​​the country offers. His experience, which has been shared with other cyclists, has encouraged his promotion.

This is how in the second version of BiciGo, you will be able to live a real experience of lodging in Glampling and through interactive stations along the thematic routes of BiciRegión: BioMetrópolis, Güecha, Sendas de Agua, Torrentes de Paz, Zaquenzipa, Colibrí, Caminos de Clay and Temperance.

Cristina Católico, Corferias-BiciGo project manager, stated that the RAP-E will also lead conferences with national and international personalities that will nurture the academic agenda of the event. «In the fair we will have a relevant participation of this entity that has worked to publicize the benefits of the various regions of the country and Bogotá, from bike tourism»

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